Round Waste Receptacles

Model: WE1T

The traditional round waste receptacle is widely used in parks, shopping centers, schools and amusement parks.

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The selection of round waste receptacles is often not a matter of style, but rather which material to use. While in the past units made in steel or aluminum were often the choice, more frequently today units are being made in our DuraLumber™ material. Because DuraLumber™ is an HDPE material, it requires no staining, painting and will not rust or splinter. A purchase of round waste receptacles in DuraLumber™ means no maintenance and an Eco-Friendly product is being used.

Round waste receptacles offer several different choices. Select the color of the units from our eight standard fade resistant DuraLumber™ colors. Configure the unit to meet the volume needs of your property by choosing the appropriate capacity. Finally, decide if your unit will be placed in an area where you will want to minimize rain from getting inside the trash.

Coordinate additional products to match the round waste receptacles placed on your property. Add items such as benches, planters or outdoor tables and chair sets.