Traditions Slimline Top Load Waste Receptacle

Model: WE2TSL
Traditions Series Slimline design in recycled plastic. Add our Dendron™ graphics panel to showcase your logo in rich detail. Durable product resists fading, graffiti and water.
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Top loading waste receptacle features traditional tongue and groove panel design of our Traditions Series. Slimline design works indoors or outdoors. Recommended for covered areas where rain and snow won’t be an issue.

Recycled plastic waste containers are a smart buy for venues looking for a long-lasting, affordable product that doesn’t require much maintenance. DuraLumber material resists water, mold, mildew and stains. It cleans easily and can be customized to match your theme and/or branding. Dendron™ graphic panel allows you to customize with a full-color logo if you choose.

Ideal for colleges, universities, food service, theme parks, resorts, parks, or other recreational settings.

How to Customize Your Top Loading Waste Receptacle

  1. Add your logo using our exclusive Dendron™ graphic panel. Dendron™ is manufactured from recycled content and utilizes water-based pigments. Finished results are notable for a striking level of detail and resist fading, scratches and graffiti. Dendron™ technology also works beautifully for podiums, planters, signs and benches.
  2. Several different roof styles are available. Choose the one that works best with your brand or theme.
  3. Choose your favorite shade from our elegant palette of eight neutral colors for trim and panels.
  4. Each top loading waste receptacle is made in multiple sizes ranging from 22 to 88 gallon capacity.
  5. Select single, double, triple or quadruple configuration. Each single waste receptacle can be combined with 1, 2, or 3 recycling units. View more waste and recycling receptacles.
  6. Optional anchor straps keep waste receptacle from tipping over in rough weather conditions.

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