Classic Slimline Double Top Loading Waste Recycling Bins

Model: WE2CSL-D
Classic Series streamlined non-routed panels in slimline design. Plenty of custom options, including restrictive openings and multiple roof styles.
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*image shown with upgraded slanted top


Recycled plastic waste receptacles and recycling receptacles conveniently combined in a side-by-side unit that encourages proper recycling. Streamlined, non-routed panels, neutral colors and space-saving Slimline design create a modern aesthetic designed to work with a variety of different brand themes.

DuraLumber™ recycled plastic waste and recycling receptacles are some of our most popular products. Water-resistant and virtually maintenance-free, recycled plastic is an affordable, durable material that’s particularly suited for outdoor furnishings. You can use the bins indoors or out, but they should be kept in covered areas so rain and snow won’t be an issue.

Customize Your Recycled Plastic Waste Receptacles

  1. Select one of eight colors from our neutral palette.
  2. Multiple sizes from 22 to 88 gallons.
  3. Single, double, triple, or quadruple configurations. Each unit is designed with the number of waste and recycle bins you specify. See our entire selection of waste and recycling receptacles to view different examples.
  4. Restrictive openings — select different openings based on the type of recyclables you’re targeting. A great way to educate users and make them mindful of different materials they can recycle.
  5. Optional anchor straps permanently mount waste and recycling receptacles to the ground.

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