Why A Hostess Podium is Important

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First impressions matter, and that goes in all modes of life, especially in building a successful business. Having a successful front-of-the-house design will set the tone and atmosphere for your clientele will influence how they feel about their dining experience, and determine whether or they will come back for a second visit.

At the National Restaurant Association show this year, we at R3 wanted to demonstrate our capabilities for creating a truly unique piece for your business or restaurant. Sometimes, a regular podium or hostess stand doesn’t cut it. Having a statement piece at the front of your restaurant will draw in the foot traffic so that hosts and hostesses can keep your business turning.

Podiums can come in different styles and varieties, but how many of those are customized to your brand? We want to make your unit exclusive to you – a recognizable piece that becomes the face of your restaurant. Whether your mood is casual, or elegant, energetic, or intimate, we want to craft something that will take advantage of our design-to manufacture business model, and has a lasting place in your business.
Call us at 866-456-7483 or email us at sales@areteindustries.us to get in contact with one of our sales representatives, and to get started on customizing your unit today.

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