Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stands & Signage in the Age of COVID-19

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Hand sanitizer dispenser stands are part of our “new normal” now. The Corona virus has rocked our world, and we have to reassure our guests that it’s safe to go out again.

Think of all the new terms we use now – not just COVID-19, but pandemic, hand hygiene, social distancing, physical distancing, testing kits, PPE, N-95 masks, the list goes on.

Your guests are more aware of germs than ever before. To give them peace of mind, you’ll want to show you’re aware and concerned. The first step is offering VERY visible hand sanitizing stations with dispensers full of hand sanitizer and/or disinfecting wipes at every point of contact.

Identify Your Hand Sanitizing Hot Spots

Walk your surroundings and take note of all the places people have to touch – railings, doors, entrances and food service areas are all hot spots, and you don’t want guests fleeing to crowded restrooms to wash their hands constantly. These are all ideal locations for sanitizing stations and signage to recommend proper hand hygiene.

We’ve heard from customers that you need hand sanitizing stations, STAT. So we turned to our design team and got after it.

About Our Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stands

  • Dispenser stands are made to order
  • You can brand them with your logo
  • Choose from a variety of colors and designs
  • You can add a waste receptacle for used disinfecting wipes or other waste
  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • Non-porous material is easy to clean
  • Single, double or triple units hold hand sanitizer dispensers and/or disinfecting wipes dispensers
  • Customize! We love to create one-of-a-kind options
  • Portable sanitizer stands are available
  • Choose the capacity you need – single, double or triple units
  • Includes secure cabinet with storage for hand sanitizer, disinfectant, disinfecting wipes or other supplies

Can’t find what you need? Call us at 1-866-456-7483 or contact us here. Customization is our specialty. We offer hand sanitizing wipe stands and stations to fit every budget.  Learn more about COVID-19

Use Sidewalk Signs to Encourage Social Distancing Where Crowds Form

Keep employees and guests safe with social distancing reminders on sidewalk signs. We offer signs of all types you can customize with your own messaging.

Stay Smart. Six Feet Apart.

Direct Guests to Hand Sanitation Stations with Informational Signs

Don’t make guests search for a place to sanitize their hands or find disinfecting wipes. Clear signage will show them where to go and what to do.

Post reminders about proper hand hygiene and social distancing requirements with sidewalk signs – at your entrance, areas where lines form, and near employee areas.

Browse our signs. Can’t find what you want?
Call 1-866-456-7483 or contact us here

Explore Arete Brands Designer Golf Company and Site Essentials

In the rush to meet demand, some companies have created some pretty unattractive hand sanitizer dispenser stands. Your employees and guests are going to put those things through frequent, intense use.

Don’t settle for shoddy craftsmanship or materials that aren’t durable enough to last. Our signage and sanitizing stations are built to be used indoors or outdoors, to resist signs of wear, even out in the sun.

So seek out the best value when you choose your hand hygiene décor, but don’t shortchange your brand messaging in the process. Make sure it looks good and works well for the long-term.

R3 has sign options and hand sanitizer dispenser stands at all price points. We’re also happy to customize your unit to meet your brand specs. Call 1-866-456-7483 or contact us here for a free quote on your design and build.

Stay tuned to this space as we design and create new golf course furnishings every day!

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