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reduce reuse recycle

R3 Site Furnishings trash and recycling bin at Florida Poly Tech campus

Recycle with the 3 R’s.  

Environmental responsibility is everybody’s business and needs to be practiced on an individual and corporate level.  Environmental responsibility begins with R3 – Reduce Reuse Recycle

Why Recycling is Important.

Recycling minimizes global environmental damage.  According to Earthfriends, more than 60% of the items that wind up in trash bins can be recycled.  Common items that end up in landfills include plastic and glass bottles.  Plastic bottles take up 500 years in a landfill to decompose and glass will never decompose.

The Keep America Beautiful Initiative.

To raise awareness of the need to recycle the Keep America Beautiful organization promotes America Recycles Day.  Individuals and organizations across the nations are encouraged to organize events that promote environment responsibility.  America Recycles Day is November 15, 2016.

How you can Encourage Recycling.

Keep America Beautiful offers some tips for your business to encourage recycling

  1. Keep recycling simple and convenient.  Have waste receptacles clearly labeled and in convenient locations.
    reduce reuse recycle

    R3 Site Furnishing waste and recycling receptacle at Gainesville Park

  2. Place Recycling and Trash Bins Together. When placed together it is easy to tell which items go into the trash bin, and which items go into the recycle bin.
  3. Use Restrictive Openings. For instance, to encourage recycling of plastic bottles, us a round opening and label it accordingly.
  4. Pick a uniform color scheme of all trash and recycling bins so that visitors can easily identify them.
  5. Keep trash and recycling bins clean and well maintained. Nobody wants to touch a dirty trash or recycling receptacle.

R3 Site Furnishings.

R3 Site Furnishings has a full line of trash and recycling bins made from Eco-friendly DuraLumber™.   Waste & recycling stations can be ordered in single, double, or triple bin configurations to encourage recycling.  All units are easily customizable, offered in three unique series and available in 132 different color combinations.

R3 Site Furnishings’ DuraLumber™ material is made from a combination of blended post-consumer recycled plastics and virgin materials, so not only are the units made from recycled materials, but it is fully recyclable at the end of it’s useful life.  DuraLumber™ will not rot, splinter, crack, peel or corrode.

To download the R3 Site Furnishings Waste & Recycling Receptacles Catalog Click Here.

Environmental Responsibility Begins with R3 – Reduce Reuse Recycle.


Earthfriends – Why Recycling is Important

Keep America Beautiful – Ten Tips for Designing Public Spaces

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