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Creating a guest experience that will be remembered and appreciated.

In the hospitality industry its all about creating guest experience. Every interaction with your business is a part of the guest experience. Is your business creating a guest experience that delights or disappoints your guests? Either way, the guests are going to remember it, but if you want your business to be successful, the experience better be delightful.

George Cline from Digital Lightbridge has 10 tips on how to create a guest experience that will delight your customers and keep them coming back.

1. Put function first.

All else aside, furnishings are there to take good care of your guests. A seat should be comfortable to sit on. A recycling receptacle should appear when you need it. A towel unit should put laundry-fresh comfort at your fingertips. Signs should convey needed information instantly.

2. Make it more beautiful than it has to be.

Guests are visually driven, and we make quick judgments about the competency of our hosts. That pattern is rooted in our survival instinct. Who can we trust? If you care enough to make my surroundings more beautiful than they have to be, I can probably trust you to show me sincere hospitality.

3. Maintain furnishings meticulously.

Everyone notices—perhaps unconsciously—when the equipment is scuffed or the fabric is frayed. Trash cans don’t have to be dirty. Fading finishes don’t have to be ignored for weeks. Fresh is always fabulous, always comforting to guests.

4. Great designs communicate more powerfully than words.

Great design captivates, enchants, charms, and persuades. A well-designed object induces a sense of wonder. A simple furnishing or sign is transformed into a reminder that all is well, and you, as a guest, are free to delight in your surroundings.

5. Materials make a statement, too.

Choosing durable, sustainable materials for your furnishings and signage affects the guest experience. More durable materials retain their functionality and beauty for a longer time. Guests also notice and appreciate your concern for the environment. Everything you do adds up—to Incredible Guest Experiences.

6. Own the experience.

Your brand is your personal signature when it’s seen on furnishings and signs. When your items are tastefully branded with your identity, guests know you’ve gone to great lengths to create a unique experience. Personalization associates the experience with your brand. So, make it an incredible experience, and own it!

7. Furnishings are important enough to be entrusted to experts.

The small things matter when you’re creating Incredible Guest Experiences (IGE’s). In the world of furnishings and signs, the choices are endless, and you’ll be living with your selections for a long time. Using experts who value IGE’s can avoid a lot of pain.

8. Don’t rush this.

You’ve found an expert who’s willing to listen and consult with you before diving headlong into production. So, take the time to think through the project and all its implications together. Thorough planning reaps great rewards in the long run.

9.  Integrate manufacturing and design.

Manufacturing makes the vision a reality—or not. If the end product is to fulfill the original vision, manufacturing must be part of the team from the beginning and must be tightly connected to the design function throughout the process. This is key to getting results that exceed expectations.

10. Installation matters.

Don’t drop the ball in the last step of the process. Make sure your site furnishings and signs are put in place properly. Your vendor should offer the option of turnkey installation. Go forth, therefore, and create Incredible Guest Experiences. Your guests will ❤ you for it!

R3 Site Furnishings can help you create a memorable guest experience.  We have a wide range of hospitality furnishings, from podiums, portable bars, waste receptacles, towel returns and refreshment stations.  All of our products are customizable with your brand logo and made from durable and sustainable materials.

How can R3 Site Furnishings help you in creating guest experience that delights? Contact Us.

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