Recycled Plastic Trash Receptacles, Are They Right For You?

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When considering the purchase of trash receptacles for your campus or property one of the very first things that should be decided is what material makes the most sense. There are many factors that will undoubtedly play into making your decision but none will be more important than material. The purpose of this article is to determine if considering recycled plastic trash receptacles is right for you.

Recycled plastic lumber is well known for its use in manufacturing decks and docks, benches, Adirondack chairs, picnic tables and decorative moldings and trims. Lesser known products that are also made from recycled plastic include clothing, toys, tableware, shoes and jewelry.

Recycled Plastic Lumber Is Durable
So what makes recycled plastic a good material choice for waste and recycling containers? Almost everyone will agree that HDPE is one of the most durable materials offered, particularly when it is compared to how other materials withstand exterior elements. While metal waste receptacles are probably the most popular choice for outdoor use, they very well could require the most maintenance. Because metal containers will rust, fade, scratch and/or peel, it should be assumed that routine maintenance will be needed to maintain the original look of the units. This same maintenance concern should also be applied to wood containers that can split, warp, require routine oil or painting and are often prone to insects. Conversely, recycled plastic trash receptacles retain their original colors for a very long time, will not split or crack, are impervious to insects, will not rust or corrode and do not require any painting, oiling or staining.

Easily Coordinates With Other Products You Might Need
Another benefit that should not be overlooked when considering selecting recycled plastic for outdoor trash containers is the availability of other products that can easily be coordinated across your property. While other materials do offer some ancillary products, none provide alternative product offerings as extensive as recycled plastic. For those wanting to provide a cohesive look between all outdoor furnishings across your property consider these other products as well: Benches, Picnic Tables, Message Boards, Planters, Beverage Stations, Towel Return Bins and Dining Table Sets.

It Is Good For Our Environment
Last, but certainly not least, the fact that recycled plastic lumber is Eco-friendly is of major importance to those trying to enhance their recycling efforts. Having the ability to not only display to your guests that you promote recycling, but to also display that you use products made from recycled materials helps to reinforce your message that recycling is important to your facility. Millions of milk jugs are pulled from landfills each year to assist in the production of recycled plastic. This is a good thing for not only our lives today, but also for the future lives of our children.

So in review, recycled plastic require very little maintenance, can easily be coordinated with ancillary products across your property or campus and are made from recycled milk jugs which means they are environmentally friendly. Provided with this information the question should be asked again, are recycled plastic trash receptacles right for you?


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