Signature Slimline Double Top Load Waste Receptacle

Model: WE2SSL-D
Our combination waste & recycling bin keeps busy areas clean and clutter-free. Add engraved ID’s to encourage proper recycling and customize with your brand logo.
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*image shown with upgraded restrictive openings


This combination waste and recycling bin includes one top loading waste receptacle and one recycling receptacle. Ideal for busy areas, especially where people gather and waste tends to pile up. Double units are easy to spot and look great embellished with your logo.

To encourage proper sorting, select from a wide assortment of restrictive openings and customize your descriptive label. Finding lots of recyclable paper in your trash bins? Use a restrictive opening that encourages users to put paper in the proper container where it can be recycled. We also add engraved ID’s to each recycling unit to prominently display your commitment to recycling and remind guests which items to recycle.

We design and manufacture each waste & recycling receptacle ourselves, so feel free to ask for custom options when you order. We recommend DuraLumber™ recycled plastic for all of your waste and recycling units, especially if they will be kept outdoors.

DuraLumber™ doesn’t absorb water, is UV stable, and doesn’t require waterproofing, painting, or staining. As with all products made of HDPE, DuraLumber™ is also entirely recyclable at the end of its useful life.

The Benefits of Using a Recycled Plastic Combination Waste and Recycling Bin

  • Recycled plastic is durable. It’s easy to clean and resists stains, mold, and mildew, even when used outdoors.
  • Recycled plastic is affordable. With different configurations designed to suit nearly any budget, it’s one of the best ways to stretch your budget and get the biggest bang for your buck.
  • Recycled plastic trash receptacles are available in a range of colors and styles, so you can easily coordinate them with your brand and existing color scheme.
  • Recycled plastic is easy to customize. We can add your logo in full color using a variety of design processes.
  • Using recycled plastic for your waste & recycling receptacles keeps it out of the landfills and put to good use.

Call 1-866-456-7483 for a quote on this combination waste and recycling bin or other R3 products. We service many markets, including colleges and universities, food service, marinas, municipalities, theme and amusement parks and resort and hospitality industries.

Other R3 Signature Series products, including podiums, planters, signs and benches, can also be customized with your logo and color choices to match your combination waste and recycling bin.

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