Signature Triple Top Load Waste Receptacle

Model: WE2S-T
Recycled plastic waste & recycling bins help you save money and keep your site looking its best. Triple unit with restrictive openings tells guests what to recycle and where.
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Recycled plastic waste & recycling bins combine the best of both worlds. Not only are they the most eco-friendly choice, they’re also virtually maintenance-free. Mold, mildew, and stain-resistant workhorses combined in any configuration you choose. Each waste & recycling receptacle is made to  order according to your specifications. Define the wording and restrictive openings to encourage your guests to think twice before they throw recyclable materials in the trash.

Our Signature Series trash and recycle bins feature decorative accent trim panels you can customize with your logo. Top-loading receptacles offer quick, easy access and can be used indoors or outdoors. They should be kept in covered areas where they aren’t exposed to falling rain, snow, etc.

Recycled Plastic Waste & Recycling Bins Manufactured Just for You

  1. Your choice of eight colors from a neutral, eye-pleasing palette.
  2. Your logo applied using one of four dynamic processes — etched medallion, elegant waterjet cut, routing and infilling or digital printing, with nearly endless options.
  3. Restrictive openings you specify (see choices on this page).
  4. Five roof style options designed to help you subtly reflect the design of your existing furnishings and architecture with a similar aesthetic.
  5. Three different capacities — 15, 28 or 40 gallons.
  6. Wording that designates which recyclables go where. Paper or plastic? Bottles or cans? Trash or compost? Our recycled plastic waste & recycling bins are each made to order, so you can determine which wording works best for your location and the type of recyclables your guests use.
  7. Multiple configurations — the model pictured is a triple unit, but we also offer single and double configurations.

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Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call us at 1-866-456-7483 to discuss custom options. Our site furnishings are used in a variety of markets, including restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, colleges and universities, marinas, municipalities, theme and amusement parks and resort and hospitality industries.

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