Signature Front Load Waste Receptacle

Model: WE3S
Recycled plastic trash bin features distinctive accent panel. Use Dendron™ graphics to create striking logo effects. Signature Series style provides an elegant aesthetic.
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Recycled plastic trash bin from our Signature Series appeals to the most discerning tastes. Decorative accent panel provides extra space for your brand medallion. Signature Series tongue and groove panel design with arched cross-support frame adds to the eye appeal.

Recycled plastic is  an excellent choice for outdoor trash bins due to its durability and ability to resist mold, mildew, stains, rust and splitting. It even stands up to insects. Front loading model works well in areas where rain or snow might accumulate in a top loading waste receptacle.

Personalize Your Recycled Plastic Trash Bin

  1. Decorate panels and trim with one of eight colors.
  2. Display your logo using a Dendron™ graphic panel. Dendron™ is a revolutionary material made by combining the latest technology in graphic printing with recycled content through extreme heat and pressure. The finished product provides unmatched quality graphics that can withstand any environment’s harshest conditions.
  3. Choose restrictive openings (see choices this page).
  4. Choose a roof style.
  5. Select a capacity — 15, 28 or 40 gallons.
  6. Select single, double or triple configurations. Each product is made to order, so we can increase the number of waste receptacles and/or combine them with recycling receptacles upon request.

We also offer a similar WE3T outdoor waste container in our Traditions line. We provide multiple versions of many of our products to help you find the design, features, and price that works best for your venue. Although we find recycled plastic to be a superior material for outdoor waste receptacles, we also offer them in hardwood. Please ask about material options when you contact us.

For a FREE quote on any recycled plastic trash bin or other R3 product, call 1-866-456-7483. Don’t forget matching R3 furnishings from our Signature Series, including planters, signs and benches.