Signature Double Top Load Waste & Recycling Receptacle

Model: WE2S-D

Recycled plastic recycling receptacles with attached waste bin. Double unit top loads for easy access. Decorative accent panels just waiting for your logo to personalize them and make them yours.

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Recycled plastic recycling receptacles paired with waste bin for ultra-efficient cleanup. We design and manufacture these ourselves, so you can customize the wording that appears on each bin (waste, trash, compost, plastic, paper, cans, bottles, etc.)

Then choose which restrictive openings will work best based on the type of recyclables you’re targeting. This level of specificity sends a clean, green message to users that you’re making a concerted effort to green your campus. Personalized accent panels from our Signature Series provide plenty of logo personalization space.

Recycled plastic waste and recycling receptacles are ideal for food service, hotels, resorts, hospitality, colleges, and universities. See a list of the many markets we serve.

You can use these waste and recycling receptacles indoors or out, but we recommend keeping them in covered areas where rain, snow, etc. won’t fill them up.

Why Choose Recycled Plastic Recycling Receptacles

  • Recycled plastic is durable. It resists stains, mold, and mildew, even when used outdoors. It’s also one of the easiest materials to clean and virtually maintenance-free.
  • Recycled plastic is cost-efficient and available at nearly every price point.
  • Recycled plastic recycling receptacles are available in a range of colors, styles, and configurations so it’s easy to coordinate them with your brand or theme.
  • Recycled plastic is easy to customize. We’ll add your full-color logo using one of our four design processes..
  • It’s the most eco-friendly choice. Reusing plastic keeps it out of the landfills.

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