Water Cooler Station

Model: WC5T

The all-in-one water cooler station includes a lockable cabinet and waste receptacle with liner.
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Water cooler stations are a godsend for thirsty walkers, cyclists and park visitors. A quick cup of water (or a few) and a convenient way to refill water bottles is a must for parks, golf courses and trails. Durable recycled plastic makes this model a cost-efficient green solution.

Recycled plastic water cooler stations resist water, mold, mildew, insect intrusion and graffiti. They won’t rot or rust, making them popular for outdoor use, especially if you plan to use them year-round. This model also includes a waste receptacle for added convenience.

Matching picnic tablessigns, benches and bike racks also available.

Why We Love Recycled Plastic for Our Water Cooler Stations

  • Durability — recycled plastic is so easy to clean and maintain. It resists stains, mold, mildew, and graffiti, even when used outdoors.
  • Affordability — it’s a great choice for tight budgets, especially when you consider how long the products last.
  • Flexibility recycled plastic can be molded for use in so many products, making it easy to coordinate your furnishings for a clean, professional look that reinforces your brand or theme.
  • Sustainability — using recycled plastic for your site furnishings demonstrates your commitment to the environment in a very public way, one that’s easy for others to emulate.

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