Traditions Series Towel Bin w/ Towel Cubbie


Slim profile allows stacking of clean towels above a separate bin with hinged door.   Suitable for for indoor or outdoor placement.  Traditions Series products are durable and sustainable without sacrificing aesthetics.

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Poolside towel bins from our Traditions Series help you eliminate unsightly discarded towels from pool areas, saunas, locker rooms, or any busy wet area where guests gather. We’ve built these bins for maximum efficiency, even in tight quarters.

This all-in-one towel return unit provides a single spot for guests to discard used towels and/or pick up freshly laundered ones neatly stacked on top. Each bin is manufactured to order from recycled plastic for superior durability and resistance to mold and mildew, even in very damp conditions.

We’ve clearly marked each towel return unit to make it as convenient as possible for guests to keep your facilities neat and tidy.

Customize Your Poolside Towel Bins

  1. All of our Traditions Series poolside towel bins can be customized with your logo. Choose any of four design options – digital printing, etched medallion, routing and infilling, or waterjet cut.
  2. We offer two sizes for your convenience – 28 gallons or 40 gallons.
  3. Choose single, double, or triple units based on your need and space available.
  4. Select one of eight neutral colors inspired by nature for the panels and trim. Mix and match for the combination that will best enhance your existing decor and color scheme.
  5. We’re always open to questions and/or new customization ideas. Ask us about additional customization options when you request a quote.

R3 Site Furnishings offers a variety of towel solutions

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Don’t forget about coordinating portable bars, waste & recycling receptacles, and picnic tables. Each piece can be completely coordinated to match your towel return bins.