Sanitation Station Wall Mount Quad Unit


Wall mounted, high capacity hand sanitizer unit. Well suited for those venues with limited floor space and high traffic, high volume needs.

Manufactured from our DuraLumber™ non-porous recycled plastics. Includes (4) one gallon ports, jugs with pumps and welded aluminum mounting bracket. Gel dispensers and gel provided by the customer. Logo optional.

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Sanitation stations are everywhere – at the gym, the office, even outdoors at the dog park. But where do you put them all?

If you’re limited on floor space, this hand sanitizer station wall mount may be just what you need. It includes four ports, sanitizer jugs with pumps and a welded aluminum mounting bracket. Perfect for high traffic areas.

We provide the innovative design, you provide the hand sanitizer, and send those germs on their way.

What Is A Sanitation Station? What You Need to Know

Sanitation stations can be customized to include hand sanitizer dispensers, hand disinfecting wipes, or both. The best units are touch free. Drip guards can be added to keep hand sanitizing gel from spilling on the floor and making it slippery. Waste receptacles can be attached to catch used disinfectant wipes and other trash. Units can be wall mounted or freestanding, portable or stationary. Also called hand sanitizer stands or hand sanitizer dispenser stations. Many manufacturers offer double, triple or quad sanitizer stations for high capacity areas like sports and concert venues.

  • Created to combat viruses, bacteria and other assorted nastiness
  • Durable enough for outdoor use
  • For employees, customers, guests and visitors
  • Available as double, triple or quad unit
  • HSSWM-HC includes 4 sanitizer jugs with pumps and welded aluminum mounting bracket
  • Commercial-grade wall mount designed for long wear, extra durable
  • Made from our exclusive DuraLumber™ nonporous recycled lumber
  • Nonporous and easy to clean and disinfect
  • See our entire selection of sanitization stations
  • Great opportunity to display your brand at eye level
  • Designed and manufactured in Florida
  • Wall mounted hand sanitizer dispenser model HSSWM with 4 stainless steel dispensers also offered
  • No assembly required
  • Ready for use upon delivery

Design Your Own and Brand It

Choose from a large selection of colors and options. Each sanitation station is ready to be branded with graphics in striking detail. We specialize in customization and our hand sanitizer stations and stands are made to order, according to your brand specifications.

Ready to buy a hand sanitation station? We have solutions at multiple price points to fit your budget and branding needs. Start with a basic unit and add the features you want. You’re in the driver’s seat.

Call 1-866-456-7483 for a FREE quote on this wall mounted hand sanitizer stand or any R3 products. We can help you choose the right model and answer any questions you have.


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