Condiment Counter

Model: FSC2
A condiment counter can be used for organizing packets, napkins and lids.

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Our condiment counter is commonly used in coffee shops and cafes to keep packets, napkins, lids and stir sticks organized and easily accessible for guests. The standard unit includes a spacious service area and a shelf that includes an area for napkin and lid dispensers. Also included is a tray return, waste receptacle and a bus tub cabinet.

Most commonly made from our HDPE material, this condiment counter can be used in either indoor or outdoor facilities.

Condiment counters are easily configured to meet each facilities unique needs. Choose from multiple cabinet types and service accessories to ensure the finished unit meets your specific needs.

Select other products made from durable HDPE material to highlight your brand. Consider waste receptacles, tables & chairs, A-frame signs and hostess podiums as possible other products.