Ice Cooler Chest

Model: IC1C

Recycled plastic ice chest in your choice of eight colors makes an elegant addition to your site furnishings.
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Recycled plastic ice chest in your choice of eight colors makes an elegant addition to your site furnishings. Neutral colors work beautifully at marinas, golf courses, pools and other recreational areas. A crisp, cold treat for your guests and the opportunity to reinforce your brand with your logo displayed in exquisite detail.

Renew. Reuse. Recycle. That’s R3’s vision. For nearly fifteen years, R3 has manufactured eco-friendly site furnishings in recycled plastic and sustainable hardwoods for a variety of markets around the country.

Our unique manufacture-to-order approach allows us to craft your next furnishing to fit your brand’s aesthetic, regardless of the design. Rest assured your next product solution is environmentally sound and built to last.

Why Buy a Recycled Plastic Ice Chest instead of Wood?

  • Recycled plastic is surprisingly durable. It’s weather-resistant without any treatment or maintenance. Easy to clean, this material resists mold, mildew and insects, making it the most sanitary and appealing choice for this product.
  • Recycled plastic is so versatile. It can be molded into a variety of different forms and tolerates customization well. Our ice chests provide plenty of display space for your logo. Recycled plastic products handle heat and high pressure conditions with ease. It’s a great medium for many of our logo processes.
  • Recycled plastic is affordable. Since it’s so durable, you can use it for years with very little maintenance. It’s an excellent value that also saves time and money you’d otherwise spend to maintain your purchase.
  • Recycled plastic products keep plastic at your venue and out of the landfill where it would be wasted. Recycled plastic can be recycled several times over its lifespan.
  • Recycled plastic products come in a variety of colors and designs. Coordinate your ice chests with towel stations, water cooler stations and other outdoor furnishings.

To request a quote or more information on a recycled plastic ice chest, call 1-866-456-7483 or complete an online request form. An R3 Site Furnishings representative will be happy to answer your questions about our products and logo design process. R3 is proud to be family-owned-and-operated.