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St. George Plantation

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St. George Plantation is an exclusive gulf-and-bay-front private community located on the west end of St. George Island. The Plantation includes five miles of white-sand beaches and individually-owned cottages and homes built in different architectural designs.

The Challenge

To preserve the spirit of nature on St. George’s Island, the Plantation had used wooden stop and street signs in its exclusive neighborhood. However, as wood is expected to do, the once rustic community signs soon rotted and faded within a few years. St. George Plantation found itself in need of a major upgrade, one that would not only provide for new, upgraded signage, but for a solution that would bring together elements of its exclusive aesthetic and brand. But that wasn’t all. The Plantation was also looking for other site improvements, such as park benches, waste receptacles, and poolside furnishings that were natural-looking, attractive, and sustainable.

The solution

R3 Site Furnishings stepped up to the plate to answer The Plantation’s quandary. With its manufacture-to-order capabilities, R3 Site Furnishings was able to meet St. George’s specific needs. Instead of the standard cast aluminum street signs, R3 Site Furnishings suggested recycled plastic posts and frames. Recycled HDPE is a durable recycled plastic material that is most popularly used in constructing plastic lumber. Best of all, it is fade resistant and rot-free, therefore serving as a perfect alternative to the Plantation’s decaying wooden signs. In all, R3 Site Furnishings designed and manufactured nearly a hundred custom recycled plastic stop and street sign units with reflective vinyl to meet DOT specifications. Each of the units included a logo tail with the property’s signature icon, further reinforcing the property’s brand.

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