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How Can Recycled Plastic Towel Stations Make Your Resort More Inviting?

Commercial Outdoor Furniture for Resorts, Hotels, Hospitality and Recreation

R3 is a family-owned business that designs and manufactures eco-friendly furniture and sustainable furnishings for multiple industries, including resorts, hotels, theme parks, amusement parks, beach clubs and parks and recreational areas.


Our commercial outdoor furniture is durable enough for outdoor use, yet worthy of display indoors as well. Recycled plastic portable bars and podiums can be used outdoors with other poolside furniture, or indoors to entertain resort guests at parties, awards ceremonies, fundraisers and other special events.


Many R3 outdoor signs and commercial pool, patio and lounge furnishings are crafted from exceptionally durable, weather-resistant recycled plastic that’s easy to clean and requires virtually ZERO maintenance.

Cost Efficient, Brandable Furniture

Cost-efficient, whether you need to replace a few older items or rebrand your entire franchise.

Read how Park City Mountain Resort uses custom R3 commercial outdoor furniture for its ski-in/ski-out ski and snowboard resort

Distinctive Branded Commercial Outdoor Resort Furnishings You’ll Be Proud to Display

Showcasing your brand is a priority, so we use advanced graphic design technology to capture your logo and critical branding elements in striking detail, with more than 100 possible color combinations to choose from.


You can also add Terra-Tec™ or Dendron™ panels to your outdoor signage to display a variety of eye-catching brand elements, including full-color graphics.

Personalized Resort Furniture that Enhances the Guest Experience

You’ll find R3 commercial outdoor furniture in many high-traffic common areas, including poolside, recreational, dining and parking areas. Recycled plastic greeting podiums and valet stands can be customized with casters, key boards, and other options to maximize functionality.

Your resort furnishings will be made to order and highly customizable to your exact brand specs. You choose the materials, color scheme, capacity, sizes and design that work best. Then watch us go to work.

Made in the USA Quality You Won’t Find Elsewhere

We design and manufacture commercial outdoor furniture in-house at our Florida headquarters for superior “Made in the USA” quality and value competitors can’t match.

Durable, Eco-Friendly Recycled Plastic and Sustainable Hardwood Resort Furnishings

DuraLumber™ recycled plastic lumber is made of a combination of post-consumer recycled plastics and virgin plastics. The end result is one of the most durable, versatile building materials in the hospitality industry.


Recycled plastic furnishings won’t rust, warp, split or fade in the sun. They resist mold, mildew, graffiti and insect intrusion. And they’re easy to clean and maintain, even following years of everyday use.

Recycled Plastic Resort Furnishings Are Cost-Efficient

DuraLumber™ restaurant and café hostess podiums, portable bars, poolside furniture, benches, beverage stations, and other indoor/outdoor resort furnishings are made to last and ready to use upon delivery. Because they require virtually ZERO maintenance, they’re an excellent way to free up staff time for other priorities.


You’ll find many of our recycled plastic resort furnishings offered at multiple price points to extend your savings by accommodating a variety of budgets. DuraLumber’s lengthy lifespan and low maintenance requirements make this material exceptionally cost-efficient.

Demonstrate Your Commitment to Eco-Friendly Furnishings

Are your guests eco-savvy? Show them you care by using recycled plastic waste receptacles and recycling containers. Customize them with labels and lettering that show guests which recyclables go where. You can also select restrictive openings to accommodate a variety of consumer items and ensure proper sorting.


Meet and exceed environmental initiatives by using recycled plastic furnishings. Every recycled plastic towel station, greeting podium, valet stand, portable bar or bench you brand is one less plastic container in a landfill.

Give Recycled Plastic Products New Life Through Resort

Demonstrate your commitment to the environment in a tangible way while maximizing the value of your furnishings.

R3. Eco-Friendly Outdoor Site Furnishings & Furniture.

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